Feb 202014

I hate to do this, but I’ve decided to put Noise Channel on hiatus for now. I’m in my last two semesters of my chemistry degree and it has become increasingly harder for me to keep up with a regular show and give enough attention to my schoolwork.

I will still do listening parties and special shows – those are actually easier to do…and we do have a couple of events coming up in the next few weeks. However, I feel I need to step away and put my focus on school and my sanity. I hope you understand.

Jan 232014

TrueStar attended two of the three days of Frequency 3.0, but became very ill during the third day.  She’s recovered enough to play a few tracks from Frequency artists and catch up on newer music.

She also talks about the Global Game Jam and Producer Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman visits briefly before he wanders off to scratch his balls.

This show is dedicated to all of my stressed out gamedev friends.  I wish I could do more to help with the stress, but know that I’m cheering for you.  Continue reading »

Jan 162014


TrueStar is happy to bend the rules of Noise Channel a bit to host a listening party for her friends, the LONELYROLLINGSTARS!  While the physical version of their album was released at MAGFest 12 earlier this year, we celebrated the Bandcamp release of their debut album.

Everyone piled into the chat and on the stream, likely causing the stream to go down for about a minute.  Just keep listening…it’s all there!  It was the virtual version of the katamari mosh pit at their MAGFest performance!

Support our princes and get the album at their Bandcamp website!  It’s ‘pay what you want’, but worthy of your money! Continue reading »

Jan 092014

TrueStar had made grand plans to host a listening party for RushJet1′s ‘Mega Man Remade’ album last November.  However, due to being unwell and busy with school, it just didn’t happen.  Until now.

Mega Man Remade by RushJet1

Mega Man Remade by RushJet1

TrueStar tries to make up for being a terrible host by dedicating this show to her friend RushJet1.  Listen in and hear the entire Mega Man Remade album along with a couple of original tracks.  You can get Mega Man Remade, along with other RushJet1 albums at his Bandcamp website. Continue reading »

Dec 262013
Minimap by coda

Minimap by coda

TrueStar and Nugget are happy to feature coda’s latest album, Minimap, to the listeners of Noise Channel!  Minimap is an album comprised of song sketches and kwakfest entries from 2013  that have been revisited and remastered.  You can get the album now for $5 at the Yogurtbox Bandcamp site. Continue reading »

Dec 192013

TrueStar spends most of the show featuring artists that will be performing at Frequency 3.0 next month.  If you’d like to learn more about the event and how to get tickets, go here.

Cameo from virt in which he gives TrueStar a taco and makes a bunch of dumb noises. Continue reading »

Dec 122013
Ultionus OST by Jake 'virt' Kaufman

Ultionus OST by Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman

Producer Jake told TrueStar the day before Thursday that he is releasing a new chiptune album for a game called Ultionus.  Despite having a final the very next day, TrueStar puts on her radio host hat and shares the new music with her listeners.  The guy who made the game, Andrew, also joins them.

WARNING:  This show is very silly with a lot of inside jokes and dick references.  This is what happens when you put TrueStar and Producer Jake in  a room together.  Apologies in advance. Continue reading »

Dec 062013

In typical form around finals time, TrueStar forgot where exactly she was in space/time and forgot to do the show on Thursday.  To make up for this egregious error, she aired a show the next day.  It’s longer than usual and includes requests from listeners.

***There are some microphone issues in the beginning, but it gets fixed!

Continue reading »

Nov 292013
Game Music Festival!

Game Music Festival!

TrueStar here!  Being married to Jake ‘virt’ Kaufman has made video game music a very important part of my life.  When Loudr approached me about sponsoring their Game Music Festival, I jumped at the opportunity.

The Game Music Festival is a four day long event hosted by Loudr that celebrates video game music and the musicians who create it. The festival includes exclusive interviews (I hosted two myself!), composer commentaries, and Game Music Bundle 6 – 24 indie game OST for only $10!

I am contributing to the festival the best way that I know how.  I’ll be on Arecibo Radio starting at 2pm Eastern featuring music from almost all of the albums from the bundle, as well as artist commentaries.

I invite you to check out the festival and enjoy everything that Loudr has put together for everyone.

Oct 242013
Encounters by Zantilla

Encounters by Zantilla

This week, Truestar is happy to present Zantilla’s debut album titled ‘Encounters’ to the Noise Channel listeners.  She swears that Zantilla took everything that TrueStar loves about chiptunes and created an album around them.  She might have even cried.  Nugget definitely barked.

You can buy Encounters now for a $2 minimum here.  It’s worth way more than that though!

SEKRIT BONUS TRACK!  At the beginning of the show, Ubiktune provided TrueStar with a track featuring music from an upcoming album.  Get excited! Continue reading »